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Rolling Stones Forum (page 7)
Feel free to join this crazy Rolling Stones forum!
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ronniewoodshow (04/04/2011 17:09:07)
Ronnie Wood is nominated for two awards for his radio show, one of them you can vote for!
To vote Ronnie as Radios 'Rising Star' head here, it only takes a few seconds http://risingstar.sony.co.uk/
malorman (31/03/2011 01:28:04)
unleaked concert on ebay!!!
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ite m=260759780119&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:GB:1123#ht_665wt_1139
keith (25/03/2011 20:14:11)
when they start a new tour? any info?
#1Fan (25/03/2011 20:12:37)
The Rolling Stones!!!
MJAGGER (25/03/2011 19:58:06)

mail me for info
Eagle Rock Ent. (22/03/2011 14:35:37)
Ladies & Gentlemen…..The Rolling Stones - iTunes app

We are happy to announce the arrival of this awesome feature to the iTunes app store.
Available for download at $7.99, The legendary concert film “Ladies & Gentlemen…The Rolling Stones” has been fully restored and remastered from the original film print and multi-track audio masters. Filmed in Texas in 1972 over four nights of the “Exile On Main Street” US tour, “Ladies & Gentlemen” was premiered at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York on April 15, 1974 and released into selected cinemas across the USA shortly afterwards. It was billed at the time as “…the most powerful rock film ever made” and is considered by many fans to be the finest Rolling Stones performance ever captured on film.
Listen and watch on your iPad without being connected to the internet. Delete and re-download scenes at will, view bonus material, a photo gallery, or link it to your Facebook or Twitter account.
RedHouseOriginals (20/03/2011 13:22:29)
Portrait of Stu by Sir Peter Blake.

We are thrilled to introduce Peter Blake’s most recent portrait and print edition.
‘Stu’ is the artist’s tribute to Ian Stewart; the legendary co-founder and pianist with The Rolling Stones.
The portrait will form the artwork for Boogie 4 Stu; a tribute album to Stewart recorded by Stu’s protégé Ben Waters and featuring contributions from The Rolling Stones, PJ Harvey and Jools Holland. The album will be released on April 18th on Eagle Records.

"Ian Stewart. I'm still working for him. To me the Rolling Stones is his band. Without his knowledge and organisation ... we'd be nowhere." Keith Richards

‘Stu’, an affectionate and emotionally-charged watercolour portrait has been beautifully reproduced as silkscreen print on paper limited to 100 prints with only 90 available on the open market. The edition is published in aid of the British Heart Foundation’s Mending Broken Hearts campaign and printed by Coriander Studios, London.

A quantity of these have already been reserved by collectors but RedHouse have an allocation of prints which are available to pre-order direct from the gallery in Harrogate or online at www.redhouseoriginals.com. To place an order or for more information please contact info@redhouseoriginals.com.

Stu by Sir Peter Blake
Medium: Silkscreen print on paper
Edition: From an edition of 100
(only 90 available for sale)
Image Size: 250mm x 250mm
Price: £600.00
GARY (15/03/2011 15:17:01)
i have over 5minutes of rare footage of the rolling stones for sale maybe to a private collector.
at the L.A FORUM 1969.
colour silent from 8mm reel onto dvd,very clear footage
any intrested concert me,,
fred j (11/03/2011 17:13:46)

I've just read an article saying that the rights to Stones recordings might be sold off, does anyone know if this is true?

I found it (via Facebook) on www.DevilsDeeds.com, and I heard about the EMI thing in the news :(
mIke (03/03/2011 16:14:21)
New Rolling Stones In HD!

robbertnice (28/02/2011 09:24:34)
This time covers by The Rolling Stones. 73 original songs (Solomon Burke, Sam Cooke, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf a.m.o.) covered by The Rolling Stones on studio and live albums. You can listen and compare all 73 originals and 73 covers and enjoy at my website. The originals are often better than the covers by the early Rolling Stones !
Jasmine (09/02/2011 22:46:10)
Hey guys, did you know Stern Pinball is releasing a Rolling Stones pinball machine? Should be pretty rad...
stonescovers (29/01/2011 00:10:01)
Here you'll find the best and worst Rolling Stones covers

Zlatko (28/01/2011 14:08:41)
I have written (at age of 53) a funny song of about Rolling Stones - I would be hapy if some misician woukld record that (I am an amateur in music)
Below is the ling and the lyrics of the song
.http://www.youtube.com/user/rolingstonesfan?feature=m hum
DenNet (22/01/2011 22:49:17)
I\'m find a lot Rollingf Stones Songs [url=\"http://zeroddl.com\"]here[/url]
JP (08/01/2011 20:08:27)
Is there footage of any of the Stones' Liver Than You'll Ever Be bootleg (Berlin, November of 1972, I think with Mick Taylor)?
Jesse (06/01/2011 22:25:02)
Hey, check out this cover I made last night:
http://soundcloud.com/a-carrot-flower/01-satisfactio n
Sean (05/01/2011 23:12:21)
Check out this experimental "folktronic" two piece band from LA. They have an album, plus they did a few mash ups of famous artists and songs. My fav is Radiohead (high n dry) mashed up with Gary Jules (Mad World)

Check them out, and let me know what you feel.

Dingle (15/12/2010 06:46:48)
check this out you guys its actually pretty good...I know, I was surprised too...

http://soundcloud.com/any-thing-jones/alone-in-the -dark
Kevin (12/12/2010 14:50:24)
Good Afternoon

I have a signed michael joseph beggars banquet print a la
http://www.snapgalleries.com/shop/product.asp?P_ID=722&CAT _ID=20005 for sale.

It is signed by michael joseph

I also have an individual portrait of mick from the same shoot.

Please let me know if you would like further details - mccarthy_kd@yahoo.co.uk


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