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Rolling Stones Forum (page 1)
Feel free to join this crazy Rolling Stones forum!
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Victor (25/03/2006 13:57:04)
Found a couple of neat art works of Mick Jagger at http://www.annasponer.com/Gallery.htm
GregO (19/03/2006 09:33:17)
this is the coolest song to play on guitar when pissed at parties, the country feel gives you an appreciation at the fact because the stones play country its cool and shows why they are still the greatest band in the world,
i cant recall anyother band writing a counrty tune and still continue as a great rock band - i guess metallica tried on mama said it wasnt a complete failure i guess they had balls to try it
Billy Noel (21/02/2006 09:07:20)
I mean, one billion.
Billy Noel (21/02/2006 09:07:06)
Is it true that the Rolling Stones played at Acapulco in front one milliard of Brazilian fans?
Webmaster (07/02/2006 10:14:06)
Hi mates, the website has been hacked with all the messages beeing deleted. Such a great piece of human poetry gone for ever.
Sorry for the inconvenience...

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