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Feel free to join this crazy Rolling Stones forum!
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RetroBlog (30/06/2010 17:16:06)
register for a chance to win the new Stones In Exile DVD here:

http://www.retroblog.net/2010/06/29/dvd-giveaway-wi n-the-rolling-stones-stones-in-exile/
Kate (24/06/2010 18:29:35)
While The Rolling Stones were recording Exile on Main Street, Gram Parsons was living with Keith Richards in France. What influence, if any, do you believe Parsons had on the albumn?

Here is a clip of Parsons for your viewing pleasure-http://www.youtube.co m/watch?v=BITiY8M_oDo
August (27/05/2010 18:00:47)
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PEAVEY-INTERNATIONAL-SERIES-RAPTOR_W0Q QitemZ130394100627QQihZ003QQcategoryZ2384QQssPageNameZWDVWQQ rdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Guitar signed by 3 of the Rolling Stones.. This was left in the boot of a chauffer car after picking up 5 of them from the Hurlingham Club in London in late 1999. After dropping them off at different places the driver took the car home. Unfortunately he passed away on the next day and the guitar was not found until some time afterwards. As his wife did not know who was in the car or where it had been she took it to the nearest Police Station and it was subsequently returned to her. Picture of the Police form included. As I am listing this on her behalf and we both know nothing about guitars we will do our best to answer any queries. Due to the nature of it we would prefer collection only.

This guitar is currently on my dinner table and I know someone would cherish this more than me. The starting price is only £100
August (27/05/2010 17:57:10)
Guitar signed by 3 of the rolling stones.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item= 130394100627.. search ebay: PEAVEY INTERNATIONAL SERIES RAPTOR
HazyRock (18/05/2010 23:38:59)
Hey guys, with the recent re-issue of the Stone's Exile on Main Street album, I though I would drop by and let you know about my new, recently opened web store. We have plenty of rare CDs, Lithographs, Concert Tickets, and many more items. Like I said it's new, so we will be adding lots of merchandise, in the near future, so check back soon if you don't see something you want right away. We plan on stocking a lot of vinyl, more apparel, more posters, and many more rare and out-of-print items. Anyway, we've got some really nice Rolling Stones lithographs for sale right now, including the Exile on Main Street lithograph, all limited edition and all plate-signed by the members!

The address is: www.hazyrock.com

Thanks for checking this out guys!
SiriusMark (15/05/2010 00:01:27)
Rolling Stones discuss historic Exile on Main Street sessions with legendary producer Don Was on SIRIUS XM! Don't miss this in-depth interview and preview of the re-mastered album, including selections from the newly discovered tracks, this Saturday, May 15 at 8pm ET on Little Steven’s Underground Garage (SIRIUS channel 25 / XM channel 59). Catch encore airings all next week on SIRIUS XM’s Outlaw Country, Deep Tracks and Underground Garage channels. For more info, visit http://www.sirius.com. Get a Free* 30-Day Online Trial of SIRIUS XM – See Complete Details http://www.sirius.com/30dayfreepass.
April (12/05/2010 01:02:10)
The Maine just came out with a new single called 'Inside of You' off of their upcoming album, Black and White. You can check out and even buy the song right here:

SymbolicAuctions (06/05/2010 14:44:20)
RONNIE WOOD Long John Baldry album artwork up for AUCTION! Lead [-]

Check out http://www.symbolicauctions.com/ to bid on this brilliant album artwork by Ronnie based on the Mad Hatters Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland - it's signed and annotated by him too.
Keep checking Symbolic Auctions for other Stones lots!
Jordan C (23/04/2010 15:12:16)
Hey guys, discovered a bit of news that the Stones are being covered on an album about Camden.

This is what I found...

"Famous for its vibrancy, its cultural diversity and for its music, Stables Market is unique amongst its peers. Steeped in history and individuality, totally cosmopolitan and eclectic, there is now an album series that captures the Sound of Camden and the vibe therein perfectly.
Owner Bebo Kobo and entrepreneur Itay Sachish have joined forces with music producer Roy Sela to deliver a series of albums that captivate the unique magical vibe that is Stables Market. The albums cover the electronic, classic and revolutionary sounds of bands such as U2, The Pixies, The Rolling Stones and more, tracks that are synonymous with the Sound of Camden.

Featuring Mutya Buena’s amazing vocals on six tracks, the Sound of Camden is a must have for anyone who has ever been to Camden town and its world famous markets.
“I am connected to the market and now I am singing songs that my mother loves as well, it’s amazing !” – Mutya Buena
With over 2800 stalls all selling the ‘Sound of Camden’, this makes Stables Market the world’s largest record store for the album and the series.
Anyone who has known, loved or visited Camden will love the ‘Sound of Camden’ – the definitive musical guide to the capitals most vibrant location."

Sounds interesting, what track do you think she'll cover of the stones?
chavance (16/04/2010 14:25:47)
Discovered "Plundered My Soul" the last Rolling stones' Hit on HOTMIXRADIONEW.FR et HOTMIXRADIOROCK.FR
Casio (30/03/2010 15:09:19)
Just found this site - Sonic Editions - they've got some great Stones images, and all from £59/$99 framed - http://www.soniceditions.com/gallery/rolling-stones
TimL (29/03/2010 16:15:35)
Stones fans might want to know that Absolute Classic Rock has just re-launched to become the Home of the Great British Guarantee.
Which means classic British rock every hour, on the hour, including loads of The Rolling Stones...
Plus there's a poll for the best classic British rock song on the relaunched Absolute Classic Rock website...
Daniel Cooke (29/03/2010 10:36:19)
I have a number plate L111 CCK (LICK) that I am selling - thought a Stones fan may well be interested!

jerry fisher (15/03/2010 13:15:50)
Message: i have an early 1960 rolling stone album, it is in a plain white sleave, and plain white lables in the middle of the album. it is a bit thicker than a normal album, the songs on the album some seem to be cover songs one being \" my girl \" , some are recorded live and some in the studio. i have been told its a possable demo disc when they first started out ,that was by some tec.s at broadcasting house in london some 30 yrs ago. also the record numbers in the middle of the record have been welded out ! thanks for your time , and hope to here from you soon, jerry fisher
themenmanager (23/12/2009 11:14:58)

- New single with THE MEN out now!

Their third album ”Four Good Men And True” will soon be released by Heptown Records, February 2010.

But here is the first smashing single ”Pack Up Your Memories” written by the singer Sven Köhler and bassplayer Ola Främby together with manager Joakim Kilenstam. Produced by Christoffer Lundquist in the AGM-studios.


For more info, pictures, interviews etc
HepTown Records Sankt Lars väg 21 SE-222 70 Lund
PH: +46(0)46 211 14 49 FAX: +46(0)46 211 14 42
themen.mana ger@gmail.com
www.mys pace.com/themenreturn
Jen (12/12/2009 08:33:24)
What do you guys think of Susan Boyle's 'Wild Horses' cover? I know she's not conventionally rock n' roll, but I like it. I'm really looking forward to the exclusive special TV Guide Network is airing on Sunday about her... Hopefully she'll sing it!

I Dreamed A Dream: The Susan Boyle Story
Adam (02/12/2009 17:30:53)
Found a RS boxset on ebay, just wondering whether it is a good price??

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&i tem=250537500434&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT

Hope you can help! :)

Natalie (18/11/2009 14:55:38)
Make sure that the Stones beat Susan Boyle to number one with their re-release of the classic single 'Wild Horses'! Join the campaign here:

http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&ref=search &gid=2204317130#/group.php?gid=319650865626
eightiesbaby80 (13/11/2009 20:27:19)
40th anniversary of the Rolling Stones Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!!!

Who here listened to this album when they were in high school? I know I did and couldn’t get enough of it. I totally forgot about it until I saw it on iTunes this morning. I just wanted to share this awesome piece of art with everyone. OO Yea there are some unreleased tracks by Tina Turner and B.B. King. Check it out and let me know what you think.


“It's Only Rock and Roll.” – Rolling Stones
Robin (12/11/2009 15:28:30)
Hi just read this:

http://www.clashmusic.com/feature/classic-album-the -rolling-stones-let-it-bleed

Good oversight of 'Let It Bleed'!

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