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Rolling Stones Forum (page 3)
Feel free to join this crazy Rolling Stones forum!
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ron (06/08/2009 10:21:05)
fuck yeah we're compatible
gerald (06/08/2009 10:19:41)
I'm a leo.
ron (06/08/2009 10:17:51)
what a coincidence, I was just wondering that. I'd put it at 17"
anna (06/08/2009 10:08:38)
does anybody have mick jagger's hip measurements? I bet it's about 18"
ron (06/08/2009 10:07:40)
does anyone have jagger's hip measurements?
steven (06/08/2009 10:04:59)
wtf I thought this was the rolling stones forum for the MAGAZINE, not the lame ass band.
anna (06/08/2009 10:04:13)
I really like the rolling stones, and I think my favorite song is actually get off my cloud. It\'s wonderful
anna (06/08/2009 10:03:47)
i think that is an interesting question. there was definitely an implied romance in their video for "Dancing in the Streets" but that may be part of the phenomenon known as "stage-gay" wherein performers purposely hint at homosexuality in their performances.
ron (06/08/2009 09:58:47)
do you guys think that Mick Jagger had a love affair with Bowie at some point in their careers?
denno (06/08/2009 09:57:37)
Krak Fox (26/07/2009 14:42:33)
A few years a go my boss, who was working for Saatchi and Saatchi in 1970, gave me an 'original' 1970 European tour poster. Now, mine doesn't say 'A Sea Presentation' on it like some do. Neither does it have the sponsor's names at the bottom.

Does that mean its more or less rare than the versions with the above info printed on them?

Colours are faded over time but it's in good condtion. Any ideas on value? thanks.
denno (15/07/2009 11:28:20)
I stumbled across this and believe it will be of interest to this forum.

Spectrum Culture is continuing their look back at the Stones' catalog with a take on It's Only Rock N Roll.

It's worth reading, even if it is sometimes less than flattering.

http://spectrumculture.com/2009/07/sucking-in -the-70s-part-iii-only-rock-n-roll.html
fuzzycat (06/07/2009 20:34:49)
I found this cool article on the sixties and the stones songs. check it out!

Resh (01/07/2009 00:12:20)
Hi all VERY RARE Rolling Stones Story lp FOR SALE -

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/The-Rolling-Stones-Story-LP-VERY-V ERY-RARE_W0QQitemZ150354741394QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Records? hash=item2301d74892&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A12%7 C66%3A2%7C39%3A1%7C72%3A1683%7C240%3A1318%7C301%3A1%7C293%3A 1%7C294%3A50
Annie (12/06/2009 13:41:58)
Came across a really cool auction featuring over 30 lots of Rolling Stones items - band signed lithographs, records awards, artwork, promo items, posters, ephemera and more.

Backstage Auctions is hosting a huge rockin' summer auction from June 21– 28 online at: www.backstageauctions.com with a special preview available now to view the entire auction catalogue. The auction features over 30 lots of Rolling Stones items - band signed lithographs, records awards, artwork, promo items, posters, ephemera and more. Both fans and collectors will be amazed at not only the items featured but the auction start prices as well. All items in the auction comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Really cool Stones pieces I like: The Bridges to Babylon Band Hand Signed Lithograph: http://www.backstageauctions.com/catalog/auction_item.php?pr odpa=&unid=8235,
Rolling Stones Exclusive Lithograph Collection: http://www.backstageauctions.com/catalog/auction_item.php?pr odpa=&unid=8245, Rolling Stones Rare "1970 Hyde Park" UK Lead Figurine Set: http://www.backstageauctions.com/catalog/auction_item.php?pr odpa=&unid=8286

View online the complete list of Rolling Stones items here: http://www.backstageauctions.com/catalog/auction_list.php?ca tunid=362

Rock On!
wornby (10/06/2009 09:32:08)
Hey all,

Worn By is a label dedicated to recreating garments once worn by icons of the past, using original iconic images.

We have recreated a series of Rolling Stones T-shirts, including the infamous "WHO THE FUCK IS MICK JAGGER?" worn by Keith Richards on the the 1975 tour of the America's.

Go to our website www.wornby.co.uk for this and whole load of iconic rock tee shirts!

Renee (09/06/2009 18:21:46)
Hey everyone, I\'m a genuine fan of The Stones but I am admittedly also a
member of Assembly of Dust\'s street team. Forgive the intrusion. If you
don\'t already know AOD they are giving away the track ³Leadbelly² featuring
Jerry Douglas of Allison Krauss & Union Station on their site
http://www.aodust.com Its worth giving a listen to! AOD is giving away a new
track every Tuesday until July 14th featuring artists like Mike Gordon, John
Scofield, Richie Havens, Al Schnier and more! Again sorry if this feels
spammy but I was eager to share the news
- Renee
Samuel (02/06/2009 18:01:47)
FREE Assembly of Dust / moe Download!

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you all know that Assembly of Dust is releasing a free download every Tuesday through July 14th from their new album Some Assembly Required. Visit http://www.assemblyofdust.com/downloads now to get this weeks free download, High Brow featuring Al Schnier of moe! Other artists on the album include Mike Gordon, John Scofield, Richie Havens, Keller Williams and Bela Fleck.
stonesgirl (21/04/2009 18:51:39)
Hi there,

I just wanted to let you all know about some amazing Rolling Stones memorabilia that I thought other fans would be interested in knowing
about. I recently came across about 20 lots of extremely rare clothing related to the Stones as well as other classic rock musicians in an upcoming New York City fashion auction. This
stuff was the property of the tours' head carpenter and was exclusively available to tour crew members.

The auction is on April 29th at St. Paul's Auditorium on 60th St & Columbus Avenue in NYC. Here's a link to the catalog: http://augusta-auction.com

Check out photo galleries 8 and 9 for images of the rock and roll stuff. There is internet and telephone bidding as well.

Good luck!
Stuart (21/04/2009 15:55:05)
Does anyone have a pic of Bill Wyman playing a Ampeg Dan Armstrong bass ?

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