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Play With Fire (The Rolling Stones)
Nanker Phelge
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(Intro) G  D  G  C  Em 
Well you got your diamonds 
And you got your pretty clothes 
And the chauffeur drives your car 
You let everybody know,   but 
(Chorus) G          D                     	C                     
    Don't   Play  with  me,    Cause   you're  playin'  with  fire. 
Your mother,   she's  an   heiress 
Own's  a block in  Saint John's  woods 
And your  father-----rd  be  there with her 
If he only could.        but 
(Chorus),   instr. Chorus 
Your old man took her diamonds 
And tiara's by the score 
Now  she gets  her kicks in Steadly 
Not in Knights Bridge   anymore,    so 
Now you got some diamonds 
And you will add some others 
But you better watch your step girl 
Or start living with you mother,   so,   (Chorus  X 2)

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