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Always Suffering (The Rolling Stones)
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e |---|---|---|---| 
B |---|---|-3-|---| 
G |---|-1-|---|---| 
D |---|---|---|---| 
A |---|---|---|---| 
E |---|---|---|---|

e |---|---|---|---|---| 
B |---|---|---|---|-3-| 
G |---|---|---|-1-|---| 
D |---|---|---|---|---| 
A |---|---|---|---|---| 
E |---|---|---|---|---|
A Dsus2 E? Dsus2 E? A 
A Dsus2 E? Dsus2 E? A 
Let's take a (A)walk 
Just you and Dsus2 me 
And talk of E? days Dsus2 gone (A)by 
Across the (A)fields 
under the (Dsus2)trees 
Let's speak of (E?)you (Dsus2)and (A)I 
While the (E?)whole (Dsus2)world 
Was (A)wandering 
We (E?)walked a (Dsus2)steady (A)line 
When (E?)all our (Dsus2)friends 
Were (D)wavering 
We kept on (E)trying 
Now we're (A)al(D)ways (E)suffering 
(A)Al(D)ready (E)lost 
(A)Al(D)ways (E)suffering 
(A)Al(D)ready (E)lost 
Remember (A)when 
On summer (Dsus2)days 
I would (E?)sing a (Dsus2)lovers (E)song 
How you would (A)smile 
Shower me with (Dsus2)praise 
And the (E?)sun (Dsus2)shined (A)on 
Now the (E?)rain is (Dsus2)falling (A)slow 
And the (E?)nights (Dsus2)grow (A)long 
And the (E?)train 
Cries (Dsus2)out so (D)hauntingly 
She is (E)gone 
Now we're (A)al(D)ways (E)suffering 
(A)Al(D)ready (E)lost 
(A)Al(D)ways (E)suffering 
(A)Al(D)ready (E)lost 
Please take these (A)flowers 
Smell the (Dsus2)perfume 
Let your (E?)soul (Dsus2)come (A)alive 
Let there be (A)hope 
Hope in your (Dsus2)heart 
That our (E?)love (Dsus2)may (A)reviiaiaiaive 
For (E?)life is (Dsus2)but a (A)chance 
On a (E?)wind (Dsus2)swept (A)hill 
And the (E?)seeds of (Dsus2)love 
Are (D)swirling above 
Let them be (E)still 
Now we're (A)al(D)ways (E)suffering 
(A)Al(D)ready (E)lost 
(A)Al(D)ways (E)suffering 
(A)Al(D)ready (E)lost

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