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Street Fighting Man (The Rolling Stones)
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intro:(E A E A)  
E                                                        B 
 Ev'rywhere i hear the sound of marching, charging feet boy 
            E                                                        B 
 Cause summers here and the time is right for fighting in the street boy 


CHORUS -----------------------------------------
 F#                        F#4 
 But what can a poor boy do, 
 F#                                    F#4 
 Except to sing for a Rock and Roll band 
 Cause in sleep London Town 
                                             C#     E A E A 
 There's just no place for Street Fighting Man! No!
E                                                B 
 Hey! think the time is right for a palace revolution 
              E                                        B 
 but where i live the game to play is compromise solution 
          F#                         F#4 F# 
 Refrão: But what can a poor boy do,... 
E                                   B 
 Hey! said my name is called disturbance 
            E                                                       B 
 I'll shout and screen, i'll kill the King i'll rail at all his servants 
        F#                           F#4 F# 
 Refrain: But what can a poor boy do,...

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